Woody’s amazing opportunity for the BVNA Congress

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As part of my University degree of BSc (Hons) Veterinary Nursing and Practice Management, I undertook an Honours Research Project in my final year, the title of this was “An investigation into the confidence and perceived knowledge of Registered Veterinary Nurses caring for wildlife in small animal practices: rural versus urban”. This included undertaking ten interviews, five in rural Veterinary Practices and five in urban Veterinary Practices. I then had to transcribe these interviews (45,127 words were transcribed into a script overall). The transcripts were analysed and key ideas and themes were identified from them. I will be presenting my project findings at the BVNA Congress on October 6th. This will include a poster presentation and possibly an oral presentation with a PowerPoint as well. I got this amazing opportunity by submitting my abstract to the BVNA and it was accepted! I am very excited to be able to share my findings with Veterinary Nurses from across the country at the Congress.

Llinos Botwood (Woody)

RVN, Westmoor Veterinary Hospital, Tavistock

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