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Most people are aware that it is now law to have all dogs over the age of 8 weeks old microchipped. What some people don’t realise is that it is just as important to get your cats microchipped. Microchipping your cat could save the pain and heartache of losing your beloved feline friend. As a veterinary hospital we have several stray cats handed in on a weekly basis.

Some of these cats are microchipped and we are able to reunite them with their owners. But a large amount of cats handed in are not microchipped and as cats are very reluctant to wear collars we then have no way of contacting the owners.  When this happens we are only able to hold the cat for 7 days, in which time hopefully their owner has called and we have reunited the pair. Once the 7 days are up and if no one has called to claim the cat they go to Margaret Green Animal Rescue as a stray to hopefully find a new home. 7 days is really no time at all, some rural cats can go off wandering and not come back within a 7 day period.

We would really like for all cats to be reunited with their owners so are encouraging people to pay the small microchipping fee of £9.99 and prevent losing their feline companion. It is also important to make sure the details on all microchips are correct as an incorrect telephone number or address is as useful as no microchip when it comes to contacting owners regarding their pets.

Microchipping any animal is a quick and easy procedure which consists of the implant being injected under the skin between the shoulder blades. These appointments can be made with a nurse most days, subject to availability.

A good example of this is our recent Braveheart award winner Alvin, you will find Alvin's story below.

Alvin came in to us by a very worried member of the public. They had found him in the wheel arch of their car after a journey across Plymouth. Understandably they were rather concerned about this poor ginger cat that was now sporting a new colour of grey soot. After the panicked journey from Plymouth to the hospital the cat arrived.

Once admitted the cat was checked over for any burns, cuts or further injuries. He was lucky to come out with only scuffed pads and a graze on his chin. After confirming he was in no immediate danger, we scanned him for a microchip. We were in luck, he had a chip and better still the details were up to date and we were able to contact the owner. To our surprise the owner informed us that they lived in the depths of Cornwall, Redruth in fact.

After a night at the hospital the owners came to collect him. He is now safe and sound reunited with his best friend and enjoying cuddles on the sofa again. But if it wasn’t for Alvin having a microchip this cuddly little cat would have probably never made it home!

Alvin and his journey


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