Veterinary Nurses

 These people help with in-patients and operations; we have dedicated ward, theatre, prep and lab nurses who have many duties, which include admitting the day patients, applying or giving medications, wound care, obtaining blood samples, intravenous catheterisation, administering fluid therapy, intubation, radiography, monitoring anaesthesia, theatre nursing, pre-surgery patient preparation, testing laboratory samples, scaling and polishing teeth and basic wound suturing. Our ward nurse provides continual care for our in-patients and is available to talk to owners to give regular updates on an animal’s condition. They also run a selection of nurse clinics available free of charge throughout the afternoons!

They are:


 Sharon Grinter RVN  – Head Nurse

I joined Westmoor in January 2011 and have an interest in feline medicine running our renal clinics for both dogs and cats. I have a keen interest in training our Student Veterinary Nurses and obtaining nursing care to a very high standard. I started Veterinary Nursing in East Sussex in 1978 and continued until 2002 when I was hoping to retire. Unfortunately retirement did not suit so found a new direction with The Veterinary Hospital in Plymouth, then joining Westmoor in 2011. I have bred American Ragdoll cats since 1990 and have a keen equine interest, mainly in dressage but I support my daughter's interest in show jumping also.


  Laura Ball RVN

I qualified as a Veterinary Nurse in 2006, after obtaining a degree in Veterinary nursing from the Royal Veterinary College, Middlesex University and The College of Animal Welfare. Since joining the team at Westmoor in June 2010 I have become involved in training Student Veterinary Nurses. I enjoy all aspects of Veterinary Nursing, especially surgery, medicine, emergency treatment and critical care. I have a cat and a Border Collie.


Jo Godfrey RVN

I qualified as a Veterinary Nurse in January 2004. Since having my daughter in 2007, I work part-time and I enjoy being part of nearly all the varied aspects of my role within the practice. When I am not in work, I love walking the coast path and across the moors with my Sprollie dog, traveling, camping, taking photographs, reading and watching my beautiful daughter grow up!


Claire Atkinson RVN

I have worked here at Westmoor since 2002, starting as a telephonist and qualifying as a Veterinary Nurse in 2006 after 2 years of training at Duchy College. I have a keen interest in dentistry and medical nursing. I enjoy helping to run the nurse clinics, especially the Dental, Diabetes and Senior Health clinics. I am also a mum to my son and own 2 handsome cats!


Sarah Tweedle RVN

I qualified as a Veterinary Nurse in January 2009 and joined Westmoor Veterinary Hospital in February 2013 as an experienced clinic nurse with a particular interest in animal training and behaviour, especially preventing behaviour problems in puppies. I hold the BVNA Certificate in Companion Animal Behaviour and I'm a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT). Outside work, my time is taken up looking after my two dogs – a Border Collie and a street dog from Abu Dhabi – and a rescued African Grey Parrot and Green Cheeked Conure. Dog training has been a big part of my life for many years – I used to compete in dog agility, love clicker training to teach new things, and I'm fascinated by how animals learn!


Martin Osborne RVN C-SQP

I started at Westmoor in September 1996, qualified as a veterinary nurse in January 2000 and then qualified as a SQP in November 2005. I often house/pet sit for people and have lots of pets including reptiles, dogs, birds, sheep and horses. I also have an interest in exoctic pets. In my spare time I like to play hockey and skittles and I enjoy walking, cycling and taking part in pub sports.


Angela Douglass RVN

I originally started working in veterinary practice in 2000. After a few years completing Animal Care NVQs I began training to be a veterinary nurse and qualified in 2005. I worked for some time within Pet Insurance but I missed nursing so came back as soon as I could. I joined Westmoor Veterinary Hospital in 2015 and enjoy the variety of nursing here. I have two Border Terriers who are full of character and keep me very busy and also a Razorback Musk Turtle and a Bearded Dragon. Outside of work I enjoy being an active member of a local Pilot Gig rowing club and spending time with my dogs.


Faye Hannaford RVN R-SQP

I qualified from Bicton College as a Veterinary Nurse in 2010. Since then I have gone on to obtain my R-SQP qualification and become a clinical coach. I enjoy all aspects of nursing but particularly enjoy emegergency and crital care. Outside of work i spend most of my time entertaining my toddler and looking after my two cats. I have always lived locally and enjoy walking and riding on the moors.


Joanna Mary Roberts RVN SQP

I was Born in Surrey. After finishing a BAHons in media and cultural studies in 2003 I realsied I had to try to get into veterinary nursing, something I had wanted to do since a I can remember. I wrote to the  RSPCA Harmsworth animal hospital in London, and stayed there 7 years. I then moved into private practice, where I stayed for the past 8 years.
After a busy 17 years in London, decided Devon to be somewhere I would like to settle. I joined Westmoor in October 2017. Paricular interest in intensive care nursing and all areas of surgical nursing.
I have a Degree in media and cultural studies, RVN, SQP, Clinical coach.


Florence Hirons-Palmer PCA

I started working at Westmoor in August 2016, before working here I was a regular client with my own pets. My job as an Patient Care Assistant here has opened up my knowledge of the veterinary industry and I have gained many skills since starting. After experiencing the loss of my own dog back in April 2016 I took the chance to take a course in Pet Bereavement with the Blue Cross, this has enabled me to become a Pet Bereavement Advisor for our clients here at the practice. In my free time I enjoy walking my new rescue dog and spending time with her to improve her social and training skills.


Libby Rowe PCA


I joined westmoor November 2016, before Westmoor I worked as a yard manager in a riding school, where I taught a range of people to ride. I have a large interest in all animals and have two dogs, two horses and some ducks. I spend most of my time off training my dogs to work them in the winter months on a local shoot and bring on my youngest horse. I love all aspected of working at Westmoor but I do enjoy preping animals for there ops and sitting with them after while they are coming round.