December’s Braveheart Award

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December’s Braveheart Award goes to….Hugo


Hugo the Bull Mastiff truly is a genuinely gentle giant, weighing in at 58kg, it would be easy to think almost all of that was heart so sweet and well mannered he is.

But it wasn’t a big heart that brought Hugo to see the Westmoor vets but an eye problem, and that was how we came to meet this month’s recipient of the Braveheart award – Hugo, the gentle and gentlemanly Bull Mastiff.

Hugo came to Westmoor because he had an ulcer on his cornea that was not responding to treatment.   Now this is a fairly common problem for the eye vets at Westmoor to get involved in, but Hugo doesn’t do anything by half, and that included eye problems.  With the whole of Hugo’s cornea threatening to fall off (a condition called corneal melting or malacia), emergency intervention was required, and even then there was every chance that his eye could be lost.

Hugo had to be anaesthetised for the surgery, in which his third eyelid was sutured over his cornea, much like fashioning a temporary eye-patch.  The hope is that this will protect his cornea from further damage while the best vet of all, Doctor Time, does his or her thing, and resets Hugo’s cornea for him.

Hugo is now at home recuperating with his family, and we await a follow-up check on him later this month. 

So well done Hugo for your bravery, and for your general loveliness – you are truly worthy of the final Braveheart award of 2017, and we wish you and your owners all the best for 2018.

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