Puppy Socialisation Classes


Your puppy is at a very important stage in his/her life with regards to learning about how to interact with people and other animals. Also it is an important time to get them used to coming into the veterinary practice and to be happy with the experience. Socialisation of puppies makes a huge difference to the development of a stable and confident temperament  


With this in mind we have started Puppy Socialisation Classes. There is a course of FOUR classes and they are run by one of our qualified Veterinary Nurses who will cover the following:



  • General Socialisation, Grooming and Handling
  • First Aid and Emergency Training
  • Diet information, Flea & Worming Treatments and Dental Care
  • Your Puppy’s Behaviour and Basic Training




We find that dogs that have been to the parties are more likely to be more comfortable coming to the practice. These puppies have had lots of ‘nice’ experiences in the practice and so they are less likely to suffer from behavioural problems as these can be dealt with from an early age by a
qualified nurse




There is now only one age group – 9 to 14 weeks old


 As long as your puppy has had his/her 1st vaccination and they are between 9-14 weeks old, you can come along to our classes. There is normally one class per week available, please call the Practice to book in.



1.30pm – 2.30pm


6.30pm – 7.30pm

Although the day and time can sometimes change, therefore please call us to confirm.