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As well as the day to day routine of cat grooming some cats may need little extra help to stay cool in the hot summer months. At Westmoor we can assist in this by providing a simple but happy solution of clipping some of the excess hair off those with particually long coats.

We have had a few cats in over the last couple of weeks, with some lovely feedback left that you will find below.


Toby the Persian

‘I have a ten year old Persian cat who is a little feisty. He does not like being groomed at all. I had tried but he got quite nasty with me so I had to give up. The only person who could handle him had to stop when he had enough; it was always on his terms.

A year ago the lady could not groom him for a while so I found a dog and cat grooming service who would do it for me. I thought when I collected him he would have been combed with no knots as I asked for. When he came out of his carrier he resembled a lion! I was horrified to see him looking like that as I did not request it. It took him three weeks to get over the shock and I had to give him tranquillisers to calm him down.

I asked my local groomers a while ago if cats were being groomed there but was told it was only dogs. The lady has now given up grooming altogether so it meant that I had to find another place.

He was groomed at Westmoor very recently with me present. They all know him there and were willing to take up the challenge! It was a cautious first visit but it went well. When he had enough Sharon stopped. I was delighted to find someone who had the time and patience to handle him in such a gentle and professional manner.’


Louis the Maine Coon

'Louis had some very bad mats to his inner coat and I could not brush them out at all and he was uncomfortable. After consultation with your nurse Sharon I agreed to have his coat cut.  He was very good throughout the 35 minute trim and Sharon was so calm and professional.    We are very pleased with his new handsome look and so is Louis,  he is cooler and tangle free and walking proud.  Thank you Westmoor Vets for your care and attention as always.'


The pictures below are of the handsome Louis having his clip.

progress cat clip


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