| April 28, 2017



The time of year has arrived when adders, Britain’s only venomous snake, are coming out of hibernation.  Dog walkers should take care when on Dartmoor, as although these snakes are not normally aggressive, they can bite when disturbed.


Ria, a black Labrador Retriever was enjoying the sunshine when she was bitten by an adder. Bites often occur on the face or legs, causing the area to become swollen and painful within two hours.  You may also notice your dog becoming lethargic or depressed.


If you suspect an adder bite, keep calm and call the nearest veterinary practice.  Carry your dog rather than walk; this will reduce the spread of venom. Bathe the wound in cold water and keep your dog quiet and warm on route to the vets.


Ria’s owners brought her straight to Westmoor where she was placed on a drip and given anti-venom, anti-histamine and pain relief. Pictures show Ria when she first came in to us, then when the swelling had started to reduce and she felt slightly better. The majority of adder bite cases will survive with the appropriate treatment, and thankfully Ria made a full recovery and is back to her happy self!




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